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The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 

in Manchester 

10-13th October 2019

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West View Study Centre has changed its name to Boniface 

which is actually my name.

Nothing is changing apart from the name of the label and shop.

And this is why:

I’m Georgia Boniface, I’m an artist and clothing designer. I live on West View in West Yorkshire. Over the last twenty years my family and I have been living and working in the house that is also our studio. West View Study Centre is the working title that my partner Kevin Boniface and I have used for most of the art work that we’ve produced here. West View Study Centre has published books, zines, made films, paintings, installations, hosted exhibitions and of course designed and manufactured clothing. 

Early last year it became clear that the clothing I was making as part of West View Study Centre had outgrown the house and I had to start looking for a studio elsewhere. It’s all happened pretty quickly and there have been a lot of changes as the designing and making of garments has become my main focus. Thankfully I found an amazing studio in an old textile mill not far away and moved in June 2018. 

I’ve flirted with the name West View, without the Study Centre but it just isn’t the same and has too many other connotations. 

So, while I love the origin of the name, it doesn’t quite feel right anymore. I’m changing it to Boniface which suits me very well because it’s my name and it’s me who makes the clothes.